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civil war
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Papers on The Civil War
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Jean Toomer's 'Reapers'
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A 5 page analysis of Jean Toomer's imagery-laden, eight-line poem. The paper centers on the author's use of the color black for relating the color of death, of fear, and of life for the people of his race during the time in which he wrote. The reapers work in silence, methodically and mindlessly cutting down one at a time, as black people were so often treated in the hundred years between the end of the Civil War and the Civil Rights activities of the 1960s. No additional sources cited.
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The Reconstruction: Goals Of Both Blacks And Whites
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3 pages in length. It was not always easy being a black cotton farmer in the Deep South, inasmuch as there were tremendous political, economic, social, and legal changes that occurred between the years of 1865 and 1877. These changes, including the Reconstruction, began around the time of the Civil War and only continued to escalate after it had ended. The writer discusses how there were quite a few conflicts that came out of -- as well as were solved by -- the war, but some of the most instrumental had to do with how blacks were treated by the whites. Bibliography lists 2 sources.
Filename: TLCrecon.wps

American Ideology: Slavery, Freedom, Revolution and Cultural Uniqueness
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A 5 page examination of the American concepts of freedom, solidarity, and cultural uniqueness. Addresses the questions of the association of the concepts of freedom and slavery; the ideal of the American tapestry; and the Civil War, Reconstruction, and the Civil Rights movement as revolutionary periods in U.S. history. Bibliography lists 3 sources.
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Michael Collins
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A 20 page research paper that examines the life of this charismatic leader of the Irish War for Independence. Using primarily original sources, the writer demonstrates how strife between the victorious leaders of the Sinn Fein degenerated into Civil War that subsequently caused Ireland to lose one of the finest leaders that nation would ever have - Michael Collins. Extensive bibliography included.
Filename: Collins.wps

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